Books you’ll want to read,
written by people you’ll want to meet.

About Us

You’d be surprised what you can learn, when your office window overlooks an alley in small-town America.

Welcome to Golden Alley Press

Golden Alley Press is a small, independent publisher located in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Our tagline, “Books you’ll want to read, written by people you’ll want to meet,” describes our mission to bring interesting new voices to light, particularly in the areas of memoir and theology.

Our studio sits at the intersection of Sixth Street and Golden Alley in the borough of Emmaus. Lunch-pail toting blue collar workers, moms with strollers, kids on scooters, stray cats, and the occasional ‘walking school bus’ pass under our window — each of them with a story.

That got us to thinking. After a lifetime of reading and thirty years in the graphic design business, we decided that there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in books (with apologies to Kenneth Grahame).

Michael and Nancy Sayre fussing over every detail of a print run.

Michael and Nancy Sayre fussing over every detail of a print run.

At Golden Alley Press, we suspect that there are a lot of people walking around with a book inside of them — stories the world would welcome if only it knew about them. Some of our academic friends are like that, (are you smart and broke? call us). We know priests, kindergarten teachers, jazz musicians, even an octogenarian or two, all of whom have a story to tell. Maybe you, too.

Golden Alley Press is run by us, Michael and Nancy Sayre. We are a husband and wife team who direct some of the best design efforts in our market. With our books, as with our graphic design projects, we fuss over every detail.

Michael, our book cover and interior content designer, has been designing for regional, national, and international clients for over 30 years. Educated at Cooper Union, he is influenced by a lifelong interest in jazz, theology, and the martial arts.

Nancy is an accomplished editor and handles all project management and marketing. She has been a successful entrepreneur for several businesses. Her interests include classic literature, theology, and the subject matter of whatever books she is editing at the moment.

Michael and Nancy live in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, where they are inspired by their mutual interest in books, Byzantine iconography, and the kaleidoscopic lives of their seven children and two three four five six seven eight grandchildren.

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